Full Marks Key Stage 1 Number Skills

Full Marks Key Stage 1 Number Skills 1999.1

It provides tests which are presented as games with graphical and sound effects
1999.1 (See all)
GMJ Licensing Ltd.

Enter your child's NAME and then choose the level you wish to Test or TEACH. The tests are presented as games with ray-traced graphics, multiple music tracks and digital sound effects. To motivate your child regardless of their ability the games are initially easy and become increasingly challenging. The results are then analysed by the computer and an ITEMISED REPORT then illustrates strenghs and weaknesses against the targets set down by the National Curriculum.
Using built-in help at every stage it's simple to use yet extremely powerful. The educational HELP SCREENS provided allow your child to fill the gaps in their knowledge before playing further and getting improved results. It's a guaranteed formula - your child will love it!
Main Features :
- Counting to 10
- Addition to 10
- Subtraction to 10
- Addition to 20
- Subtraction to 20
- Odd and Even Numbers
- 2, 5 & 10 Times Tables
- Decimals
- Rounding Up & Down
- Fractions
- Sharing
- Simple Algebra

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